My son’s experience under the care of the staff at Lilliputs has been outstanding. He continues to thrive everyday thanks to the tremendous effort put in to make sure everyones nurtured and comfortably challenged. He is constantly learning and engaging, and the benefits are very visible.

Christian Hardie – April 2018

I’m so thankful for finding Kirsten at Lilliputs!
Kirsten has been great with accommodating our child care needs. She provides a high level of care for our son, and we couldn’t ask for more than that. We love that she is always incorporating sensory play, crafts, music, and outdoor play time in her daily plans. We have noticed how much our son has grown and learned since he started at Lilliputs a year ago.
Thank you Kirsten for for all you do for our son. 

Jaclyn and Caley Garner – October 2017

This is the second year that my two children have gone to Lilliputs Family Childcare and I am so thrilled with the care my kids get. I felt nervous about sending my kids to daycare when I was “daycare shopping” because some facilities had so many kids and workers it seemed impersonal, others felt cold and strictly business like. When I went for my meeting with Kirsten I knew immediately I wanted my kids there. It is licensed so I knew all the proper guidelines were being followed, it was extremely clean (I have high standards) and Kirsten’s warm and friendly personality were exactly what I was hoping for in a caregiver. The kids go outside everyday, do crafts, music and she even provides a snack! I highly recommend Lilliputs Family Childcare.

Kristine Balakrishnan – September 2017

We are very pleased with the services and level of care at Lilliputs Family Childcare. Our little girl opens her arms for Kirsten when we arrive to drop her off and is always engaged in activity of some sort when we arrive to pick her up. We appreciate all of the group activities offered at Lilliputs and our daughter seems genuinely happy spending her time there among friends. We have and will continue to recommend Lilliput’s Family Childcare to friends and family, just a great place for your child to grow and learn.

Jennifer and Dave Birchmore – September 2016

I just wanted to take a few minutes to say a big thank you to Kirsten at Lilliputs! I am so happy to have found her! After moving to Maple Ridge last year I was having a tough time finding care for my son that matched the care he had previously received. I am so happy to say that not only did we find all the great things we had before but so many more! Kirsten has been amazing, very professional, organized and most importantly truly caring to our son. This is the only daycare he has actually asked us to pick him up later than we needed to so that speaks volumes. Kirsten clearly values creative outlets which include music, play and art and often we are brought examples of this that we can display at our home. We are currently expecting baby number two and hope that Kirsten will be here to provide the great level of care we received with our first once I return back to work.

Thank you Kirsten from the Lucas – Jergens family!

August 2016

I’m so happy to have found Kirsten and a wonderful daycare for my boys at Lilliputs.

I have 3 boys (one in school) and my younger 2 had always been cared for by a nanny (who became part of our family) in our home. Circumstances changed suddenly in Sept. 2015 and I found myself looking for childcare. I must have searched a dozen options (nannies, centres, and family home daycares). I went and met Kirsten and viewed her childcare and I was very impressed. Kirsten was very understanding of our situation and was willing to help us out anyway she could. It was a big change for us all (waking, dressing and driving the boys to daycare and mostly taking them out of their home environment). Lilliputs was a new daycare and it was exceptionally clean and very well set up. Kirsten was kind and loving and I could see she was passionate about children. She was extremely flexible and helpful throughout this big change for us.  We did gradual entry, we were able to send the boys with their breakfast and she was willing to take my oldest son to and from his preschool. My boys started at Lilliputs mid Oct. 2015. I love that my boys are outside everyday, getting fresh air and burning off their energy. They do all sorts of Art activities that they come home with, attend strong start on occasion, and have fun getting messy playing with goop, playdough, foam etc. They are well socialized and learn all sorts of things at their dayacre. My boys enjoy circle time and come home singing the songs Kirsten has taught them. She follows daycare guidelines and policies and safety of the children is top priority. Kirsten is flexible and is always looking at adding new components to her program such as bringing in a music instructor and she is  now looking at a gym class in Sept. I enjoy getting a detailed written report of the day (activities of the day, potty info, length of nap, what they ate, etc.). My boys are excited to go to daycare in the morning and I know they are having fun and are well taken care of. My oldest son (7 1/2yrs) has attended on a couple of pro-D days when Kirsten has had space. He enjoyed his days there and was asks if he’ll get a chance to go back. My middle son is off to kindergarten in Sept, he will miss Kirsten and the friends he has made at Lilliputs. My youngest will continue at Lilliputs for the next couple of years until he starts school. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Lillitputs Family Childcare to others!! I am also happy to discuss and share my wonderful experience with anyone interested. 

Thanks Kirsten for all that you do for our boys!! 

Sarah Ferrier – July 2016 

My husband and I count our lucky stars for finding Lilliputs Family Childcare! Kirsten has been an incredible blessing to our little family.

Our daughter had to start daycare well before her first birthday and like most new parents, the thought of leaving her all day with a stranger were mixed sentiments of guilt and worry. Well, there’s been no looking back! Within a week of being in Kirsten’s care, those feelings completely subsided. Our baby girl is thriving at Lilliputs and has developed a wonderful bond with Kirsten.  In addition of getting a written detailed daily update note, our daughter comes home happy with clear developmental growth and fun stuff like artwork and mucky clothes (which we love-this kid is playing hard!). She is always learning something new; currently learning how to grow beans! We also love that Kirsten is outside whenever possible and is always engaging the kids in different and unique activities. Our daughter especially enjoys the music classes and messy activities like playing with shaving cream. Kirsten has definitely found her niche in life and we would not hesitate to recommend her for your daycare needs. She is incredible at what she does and have given my husband and I great comfort. More importantly, our daughter loves being with her and Lilliputs has truly become a loving home away from home.”

Testimonial from Denise & Chris Rampre – April 2016

I found Lilliputs Family Childcare while I was looking for before and after school care for my daughter who is 8. She has been with close family and friends, since she was a year old, that run daycares, so I was a little nervous to put her anywhere else. As soon as my husband and I walked into Kirsten’s center I was very impressed. It was very well put together, and very clean. She is very professional and sweet and I could tell she was very much about our daughter from the minute we walked in. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that I would be uncomfortable leaving her in Kirsten’s care. We had a close friend move back to our area who offered to watch our daughter and therefore no longer need care at this time,  but if anything were to change my husband and I would  put her back in a heart beat and highly recommend Lilliputs.”

 Rob and Kaleena Morrice – March 2016

We have been using Lilliputs Family Childcare for the past six months since it’s opening, and are extremely satisfied with the level of care our one year old son is receiving!  Kirsten has been very professional and a pleasure to deal with, and her past experience working in this field has shone through in everything from the actual set up and details within the daycare space, to the daily activities and events she has planned out for the children.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lilliputs Family Childcare to family or friends!”

 The Fontana’s – February 2016

Kirsten (the owner) is one of the most kind, friendly and professional people I know. She has a passion for educating and caring for young children. Having seen Lilliputs I can confirm it is wonderful.”

 Stephanie Hoult – January 2016 

I have known Kirsten for the last 6 years. She is a very dedicated, hard working and caring person. She is passionate about her job and always provides the best care for the children under her care. She is always loved and respected by children and their parents.”
 Khatera Bismel – Owner Panorama Montessori Childcare, Surrey

It is with great personal satisfaction that I compose this reference for Kirsten Juneja. Over the past five  years that I have known Kirsten she has shown herself to be a caring, responsible and very effective mother and early childhood educator. I have the utmost respect and faith in her ability to guide lovingly and positively the energies of her own child and those she is working with. She was a great caregiver for my daughter Noorai, who was a toddler at that time she was in her care. Kirsten is very enthusiastic and clearly embraces each day with an abundance of joy and humor. She is also respected and cared for by both her many friends and coworkers. She is a responsible, reliable and committed early childhood educator who continuously pursues self knowledge and is open to implementing different methods of philosophy and education. She is a very passionate and committed teacher.”

Kamala Amani August 2015.